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Have you tried making homemade rum balls?

If not then I have a wonderful and easy rum balls recipe right here for you. These homemade rum balls are made from cake leftovers of your choice. The most fantastic thing about making rum balls yourself, is you can pick your favorite cake to make them from. Just like making delicious cake pops. Let your children help out, I am positive they will enjoy the process, my daughters sure did.

Buy some ready-made cake or use some leftover cake you already have in your freezer for your homemade rum balls. You don’t have to follow the recipe so strictly. Just start with one cake at a time, and taste on the rum ball dough as you go along.

We have made rum balls a few times now and the recipe is based on what we like the best. I see other recipes where real rum is used, and you can of course use this instead of extract. But then I would not serve my rum balls for children 😉

Ingredients for homemade rum balls (approx. 20 midsized rum balls)

1 Raspberry Swiss roll
1 Danish mazarin cake
Chocolate cake/Brownie
Sponge cake
Raspberry jam
Melted chocolate
Rum extract (1 tsp at a time)
Sprinkles or dried coconut to roll the rum balls in. You can also use freeze-dried fruit or chopped nuts


I use my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for these rum balls with the flat paddle attachment. I just toss in the cakes one at a time until I have a uniform mass. If you have a regular hand mixer, I would use the dough hooks to mix the mass together.

  • Be carefull with adding too much chocolate cake, unless you want the rum balls to taste a lot like chocolate cake.
  • In between the different cakes, you can add a little jam and melted chocolate to kind of soften the mass and make it sticky.
  • Add 1 tsp rum extract and taste as you go along. The amount of extract will depend on which cakes you use. It might require quite a lot of extract.

Rum balls dough

  • When the rum ball dough looks similar to the picture above it is ready to roll. If it is too soft you might need to refrigerate it a bit. Or you could add some more cake.
  • When you have rolled all the rum balls it is time to use your choice of sprinkles.
  • Pour some sprinkles into a bowl and roll the rum balls so they are covered on all sides.
  • When you are done you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Personally I don’t like them to be too soft, so I always keep my rum balls in the refrigerator.

Homemade rum balls without coconut

The best rum balls

The expiration time for these homemade rum balls depends foremost on the cakes you have used, but 2-3 days in the refrigerator should not be a problem.

Colored sprinkles works fantastic at our home I think it will for most children.

Another delicious thing, could be to roll your homemade rum balls in melted dark chocolate before you add the sprinkles. I am pretty sure that the chocolate will make them taste even better. I am definitely a chocolate lover, so perhaps I will try this next time.

Pretty mini homemade rum balls
Mini rum balls recipe

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